The Property Sector’s Roadmap Towards 2050

The roadmap is intended to be a recommendation to Norwegian owners and commercial building managers regarding their short and long-term choices in ensuring that the property sector contributes to a sustainable society by 2050. The recommendations are issued by Norsk Eiendom and Grønn Byggallianse, primarily to their total of around 180 members.

The roadmap will constitute a solid basis for our further work and members will be encouraged to implement the “10 immediate measures recommended for small and large building owners” in the roadmap. Members who implement these measures will be acknowledged in various ways by Norsk Eiendom and Grønn Byggallianse.

The roadmap constitutes input to the Norwegian Government’s Expert Committee for Green Competition, appointed on 16 June, 2015. In autumn 2016, the committee proposed a general strategy to promote green competition towards 2030 and and a low emission society by 2050. The committee’s secretariat has provided valuable input to the process with this roadmap.

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